When Contrastive Analysis Meets Translation Studies: A Historical Perspective


主讲人:尚新  中国体育彩票大学教授




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内容介绍:The study shows that translation studies (TS) as undertaken by various  linguistic schools from the 1950s to the early 1990s barely had anything to do  with contrastive analysis (CA), which implies that Munday’s claim that already  in the 1960s there was a strong link between CA and TS is not correct. It was  only in the late 1990s that CA met TS and a strong link got established between  the two disciplines bridged by corpus linguistics, but the real “strong link”  remained undiscovered. Though CA met TS at the right time in the late 1990s and  converged to the present trend of corpus-driven CA-approach to TS, the approach  has been trapped in three critical problems: mishandling of the corpora,  undercutting of the internal logic between CA and TS, and potential distorted  results caused by translational data. To overcome these difficulties, this paper  proposes an alternative approach called corpus-tested CA-approach to translation  studies (C-CATS), which is featured by the typical empirical cycle of  observation, induction, deduction, testing and evaluations. C-CATS requires both  comparable corpora and translation corpora to be involved separately for CA and  TS moments, ensures the real “strong link” between CA and TS which can be  reduced to the entailment law as “if p, then q”, and guarantees the proposition  to hold with the corpus-tested methodology. Key words: Contrastive analysis;  translation studies; corpus-tested; empirical cycle